Ed Aczel – Anticomedic Interview

An anticomedic slice of this comedy genial is a pure fried gold. Ed is a gent. The interview took weeks – if weeks can be arranged into a year (which, dear reader, I assure you they can) – to arrange, all of us missing each other. Enough of these words. The anticomedic interview:

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OMNIMORE – Share & Enjoy

If you’ve made it this far you’ve found OmniMore: a mismatched mixture defining our own form of pop. Check out the sampler to listen to our imperfect, multi-genre rave/folk/funk/lo-fi - bit.ly/1fskj3K - we dream of setting up the perfect dance night in a receptive venue in South London… maybe even comedy too – after all, musicians shouldn’t be afraid of laughing at themselves or be too precious about their ‘art’. This is about maximum mayhemic millennial fun and mania: the last remaining gateway to truth.

Enter Kris Weston

Kris Weston enters fuzzy dimension with chin & donkey: support him with a pledge for good karma & good music

Kris Thrash Weston’s (ex-Orb) KRISstarter LP

See KRISstarter link to see the GOOD STUFF – https://www.krisweston.com

DEAR READERS! PLEASE SUPPORT THIS KICK KRISSTARTER: Enter the Fuzzy Dimension by Kris Thrash Weston. Not only is he of (as in, strictly from, once) The Orb, but his ordination is packed with dangerously engaging protomatter, directly interactive with our consciousness. Good luck, fellow Sentient.

Sabine Turner and Quentin Birse of Omnimore are pleased beyond insanity to assist with crossdimensional translations, particularly Spanish, Glaswegian, Tweedish


N.B. Best go to https://krisweston.com NOW to see the GOODEST VIDEO ever and make your pledge. So many goodies on offer in addition to the album itself! :)

Help a chin do peoples heads in with beautiful, psychedelic and unique music. You know like that stuff you haven’t heard before.


Hi my name is Kris. For the past 10 years while the pinball machine of life was going on in the foreground, I’ve been slowly bringing together a large body of work, involving compositional, rhythmic and sonic ideas. I’m finally at the point where I know I’m ready to record these ideas, and I’ve amassed some godlike collaborators who I deeply respect to realise this, but I need some help. YOU are the very person(s) I need to help me remain free from record companies and able to produce some beautiful music… I’m Crowd-Funding an album!

Crowd-funding is where you put projects forward and people invest in them, the idea being lots of people put a little in, and us musicians get to bypass record companies. It’s the way forward at the moment for getting music made without becoming part of the corrupt industry machine currently in effect.

My name is Kris ‘thrash’ Weston, I am a Producer, Guitar Player, Analog Synth Tweaker. Abuser of Mixing Desks, former member of The Orb (link is of the ‘other’ stage with primal scream in 1993 from Glastonbury the Movie, I’m the hunchback in front of the mixing desk :) Remixer / Producer of Primal Scream, Robert Fripp, Front 242, U2, Depeche Mode, Yellow Magic Orchestra (Ryuichi Sakamoto), Hawkwind, Mauritzio (Basic Channel), Bill Laswell, Mike Oldfield and many others. DSP tinkerer and organic food nut.In case anyone’s wondering why I’m not driving Rolls Royces full of cocaine into swimming pools and more than capable of financing this self-indulgent folly, perhaps I should explain. Since leaving the ‘spotlight’, I’ve found myself caring more how I’m living than what I’m earning. The deciding factor in my releases is whether it is worth releasing to the world and means something to me. I would rather release something I am proud of than botch some half-arsed filler. I don’t value money or popularity or anything like that, I just want to quietly make music that I love.

I’m a hermit studio technician, a doctor of sound, an imagineer of soundscapes if you will, and this makes it a bit harder to market myself as a commodity artist or earn money through live gigs. My desire is to make music that is original and interesting. I’m not the kind of compulsive artist that chucks things out all the time, I will only put things out if I really feel they are meaningful enough to me, and the album I am proposing here is my life’s finest work.

Two years ago a large cross continental bus corporation finished off my gear and very nearly lost the last 10 years of work for this project, which was followed by another theft which wiped out all my possessions. Despite these setbacks, I picked myself up and spent the next year contacting musicians, industry sponsors, confirming legal contracts, looking after donkeys and generally planning this significant effort.

In the meantime, working with the land and rediscovering the inner warmth one receives from reconnecting with nature has taught me things that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise and I’m thankful for that. I feel more capable of creating something amazing now than I ever have, it feels like everything has been practice up until now, but its up to you guys whether it happens.

Hey, thanks! It’s HERE. For more details of compositions, contributors, see my page here.

Thanks to Rachael Wheeler, Etienne , Annisa and Raimi Jabbour, the Dad, Faith Hibberd of Eleventh Hour, Alessandro Scotti, Alexandre Davidov, Jake Eyre, Gary Irwin, Seth Brown @ Upward Arrow, Quentin Birse of @omnimore, Sabine Turner, Don Solaris, Robin Mahoney, Elliot Wall, Shinsuke Yamaji, Akira Kuroda, Kyoko Kimura, @zyx2k, Paul Littlebury, S & S Communications (Streatham, London), Nina Walsh, Ralph and Tink, Gary Wilkes, Sara Scruton, Eve Adams (gorgeous and not an orble querulous twatswollop), all the amazing companies who supported me and Xorg-ltd for their immense help in various ways. I couldn’t do it without you guys. Massive mandatory *hugs*